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Dan MihaltianuMorten KvammeJane Prophet

  • Pictures from the exhibition are now to be found here.
  • Dr. Mike Kings contribution at the symposium is now avaiable here.
Expertise with Responsibility
Kunstig liv - or Artificial Life - is an exhibition in several parts exploring ways of understand life in a technocratic time.

Welcome to the first part in Stavanger opening on Friday August 15th in Gallery ioLAB and at Tou Scene. Three artists are represented in this part; Morten Kvamme in cooperation with Ruben Patel (Norway), Dan Mihaltianu (Romania) and Jane Prophet (UK). The exhibition lasts until September 13th.

A symposium on Artificial Life took place on Saturday August 16th in a former power station at Flørli in Lysefjorden, close to Stavanger. Participators include Veronica Diesen, Ruben Patel, Dr. Mike King and Professor Dan Mihaltianu. Dr. Mike Kings contribution is now avaiable here.

Gallery ioLAB is open 24/7 and situated in the "undergangen" close to the central marked ("torget") in Stavanger. Opening hours at Tou Scene, Lerviksveien 22, will be Fridays and Saturdays 8-10PM and Sundays 2-4PM.

Artificial Life's curator and organizer is Veronica Diesen in cooperation with Arne Rygg. Veronica Diesen is cand. philol. in philosophy. Former projects include Døgnfluen, Lovesick and Rhizome. Artificial life is sponsored by Norsk Kulturråd and Stavanger Kommune. It is also cooperating with Tou Scene, Gallery ioLAB , Radisson SAS Globetrotter Hotel and Flaggruten. BEK is webhost and Bayer inspires design. Contact Radisson SAS Globetrotter Hotel, Tel: + 51 76 20 00 for discount prices for Kunstig liv's visitors.

Except for Mike Kings paper these pages are in Norwegian. For more information please contact Veronica Diesen.