Photo: Unn Pihlström

Clear Channel (Oslo S)

Project made for the exhibition "Bergen - Oslo" (2003) at Oslo Central Raiway Station curated by Temp and Mesén. The front glass of four commercial adshels were replaced with mirror glass. (Each 118 x 175 cm.)

The result is two advertising mirrors doubling and framing perspectives on the railway station and the travelers. Like an advertisement it designates and «realizes» its point of view. In addition, the project is interesting in that the mirrors also might appear as gaps or holes.

A clear channel is a medium of communication which is easy to perceive and interpret; free of anything that marks, darkens or disturbs. It is also the brand of a major multinational company in the out-of-home marketing industry.

"Eggløsning på Bergensbanen", Boarding, November 3rd, 2003

Photo: Unn Pihlström
Photo: Unn Pihlström